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WJW at LaborFest

Crushin’ It Apparel workers and WJW staff appeared together for LaborFest’s Solidarity Roll Call. These workers have stayed strong in the face of threats and retaliation from their employer, and at LaborFest they stood in solidarity with organizing workers everywhere. Thank you to everyone who signed our petition in support of these workers! (To read more …

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Wage Theft in the News–Brooklyn Wage Theft Front

Wage theft is far more prevalent than often acknowledged. In fact, in recent years, the cost of wage theft has consistently been more than the cost of larceny, robberies, and other types of theft combined. Though this graphic is from 2014, sadly, little has changed in the years since. In 2021, it’s estimated that around …

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Poor People’s Campaign: Clergy, Poverty, Justice, and their Intersections

By Rev. Ari Douglas (they/them), FCC (DOC) of Janesville, WI “Often we hear about workers, the poor, and clergy organizing together. Rarely do we hear about clergy being workers, or clergy being the poor. I have been both clergy and a worker and clergy and poor.” Rev. Ari Douglas (they/them) Often we hear about workers, …

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2022 First Quarter Newsletter

Worker Justice Wisconsin is excited to announce our First Quarter Newsletter is now available!  The first few months of 2022 have entailed many great changes for us, including a partial return to in-person work, re-vamping our Worker Membership meetings, collaborations with the Dignity at Work Coalition, and a new office!

Iron Roots Co-op

Iron Roots Co-op Iron Roots Co-Operative is now fundraising to secure a brick and mortar location in Madison. Worker Justice Wisconsin and Iron Roots have a unique connection: The founders of Iron Roots met through Worker Justice Wisconsin (WJW) after experiencing wage theft and mistreatment at each of their respective workplaces. Thanks to the hard …

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International Female Labor Leaders

International Female Labor Leaders We would like to thank the Global Labor Justice’s International Labor Rights Defenders Roundtable for calling attention to and amplifying the voices of women union and labor leaders from across the globe. Worker Justice Wisconsin lauds the bravery, determination, and commitment to justice that these women have displayed. Allison Lee (Lee …

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Vaccines: Myths, Facts, and Questions Answered!

Vaccines: Myths, Facts, and Questions Answered Vaccines Many workers have expressed confusion about how the COVID-19 vaccine actually works. And rightly so–medical terms such as “shedding,” “mRNA,” and “spike proteins” have suddenly become parts of everyday language. We hope to clear up some of these terms in order to encourage more informed conversations and decisions …

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