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For Allies

Educating Audiences About Misclassification in the Construction Industry / Educando al Público Sobre la Clasificación Errónea en la Construcción

This November, Worker Justice Wisconsin led a session and had an information booth at the Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority’s annual conference: How Housing Happens. The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) is the closest thing Wisconsin has to a state housing department, making it the perfect place

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For Allies

Building a Resilient Worker Cooperative Ecosystem in Madison, WI / Construcción de un Ecosistema Resiliente de Cooperativas de trabajadores en Madison, WI

This August, I (Cooperatives Organizer, Frida Ballard) was able to attend the ACE Institute conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Along with Charity Schmidt of Madison Cooperative Development Coalition (MCDC), and Rek Kwawer, who is the Executive Director of Madison Worker Cooperatives (MadWorC), I co-presented a brief history of cooperatives

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For Workers

NLRB Finds That Crushin’ It Apparel LLC Has Engaged in Unfair Labor Practices / NLRB Dictamina Que Crushin’ It Apparel LLC Realizó Prácticas Laborales Injustas

You may recall that in August of 2022, eight Crushin’ It Apparel employees went on strike after being unlawfully fired, and that later that year, they won their union election with IUPAT 7. The business owner, Jeremy Kruk, was uncooperative and retaliatory throughout the process, and WJW and IUPAT 7

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Thank You for a great Faith Labor Breakfast!

A big thank you to all of you who attended, sponsored and participated in our Faith Labor Breakfast on May 4.  It was a wonderful event where your support, solidarity and love were very palpable! Thank you to Christ Presbyterian Church for donating their beautiful space for the event, and to

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