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Shaky Hands Textile Cooperative and Their 2024 Vision

We’re excited to share more about Shaky Hands, a textile cooperative that Worker Justice Wisconsin is currently incubating. The Shaky Hands team includes Juana Montes, Leonel Aguilar, Francisco Valerio, and Celedonia Montes. Their co-op’s objective is to offer a specialized service for printing and embroidery in Dane County and Madison. Currently, such services are primarily available for the English-speaking population, but Shaky Hands has a particular focus on the Latino community, which is certainly reflected in their work; you can expect a lot of patterns and vibrant colors!

Juana Montes, a skilled seamstress with a love for creating dresses, faced workplace abuses and poor working conditions at Crushin’ It Apparel. Her determination and desire to provide a better alternative inspired the birth of the Shaky Hands. Leonel Aguilar similarly worked at Crushin’ It Apparel, where he cleaned the screen printing screens after use. He hopes to return to this work again, under Shaky Hands. Francisco Valerio currently works in a screenprinting shop, where he has been diligently learning about the machines, maintenance, and materials used. Celedonia is our newest member, and she worked alongside her sister, Juana Montes, as a seamstress in maquiladoras in Mexico for over 10 years. She is passionate about keeping Mexican tailoring alive through dresses for performers of Mexican folkloric ballet. 

Alongside their development is Arlene Bollig, Account Coordinator with WWBIC. She has spent several months training the group on taxes, interest rates, loans, machinery, marketing, and commercial real estate. She is one of the biggest supporters of Shaky Hands, and as a quilt-maker herself, has connections in the sewing and tailoring world!

In 2024, Shaky Hands hopes to have their services established, and you can help! Please spread the word about their co-op, consider hiring Shaky Hands for printing and embroidery needs, and involve them in any upcoming community events. For more information, please contact Juana Montes at montesjuana61@gmail.com.