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Worker Justice Wisconsin has the only Worker Center in the region where non-unionized workers can go when they experience workplace problems.

WJW builds collective worker power through our membership and worker cooperative programs, and by partnering with workers for collective actions and campaigns. Experience has taught us that workers and their allies must act together to create real and lasting change.


If you are a facing wage theft, discrimination or other workplace problems, we can work with you to get your case resolved. Just contact the WJW Worker Center by leaving a message at 608-255-0376 or sending an email to info@workerjustice.org, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All our Worker Organizers speak Spanish fluently. 


Collective power begins when workers commit to supporting  each other. Solidarity is the first and most important step to bring lasting and systemic change. Worker Justice Wisconsin fosters solidarity through a membership program that brings workers and allies together regularly, builds community bonds, and trains for collective action.


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Our vision of social change is that a just community includes the right for everyone to have a fair and safe workplace, where they are treated with dignity and respect. We believe justice is achieved through collective self-determination.

Wages Recovered!

“Hi! My name is Jesus. I worked at MOD Pizza and they did not pay me. I went to Worker Justice Wisconsin’s Worker Center and they helped to make them pay me my money. This organization is good for the community. Don’t be afraid, go there and ask for help if you need it.”