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Membership Program

How Membership Works

There are three types of membership: Worker Members, Individual Ally Members, and Community Ally Members.


Worker Member

Workers must become WJW members before meeting individually with a staff organizer. To become members, workers pay a minimal contribution  – $35/year or $3/month – and commit to supporting other worker members so no one stands alone. We meet regularly for conversations, organizing training, food and fun. We share stories, get to know each other and build comradery so that when we take action, our collective power is strong.

Individual Ally Member

An individual ally becomes a member by donating a minimum of $60/year or $5/month and stating their desire to become a WJW individual ally member.

Ally members are encouraged to participate in regular worker member gatherings and are asked to publicly support and participate in worker-led actions and campaigns.

Community Ally Member

A religious congregation, union or other organizations becomes a member by contributing a minimum of $100 per year and stating their desire to become a WJW community ally member.

We encourage Worker Allies to become WJW members. This is an important way to build the power of the coalition and make worker justice a reality in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is membership important?

A vast power imbalance exists between workers and employers. Workers and their allies can overcome it together so long as they are empowered to act collectively. Having a strong membership program that builds community bonds is the first and necessary step to building collective worker power.

How much does membership cost?

Worker members pay a contribution of $35/year or $3/month to demonstrate commitment and solidarity to other worker members. Individual allies can become members when they donate at least $60/year or $5/month to WJW. Community allies can become members when their organization donates at least $100/year to WJW.

Why do WJW members have to select a role in their membership cards?

The struggle for worker justice is long and hard, and each of us has a role to play. But none of us can do it all. We select a role that we believe best fits our strengths to help the group decide who should do what during regular gatherings, public engagements and collective actions.

What does member participation look like?

WJW members meet regularly for conversations, organizing trainings, food and fun. We share stories, get to know each other and build comradery so that when we take action, our collective power is strong. Finally, we support one another in our workplace actions and join forces for public policy campaigns.

How does becoming a member benefit workers?

All WJW programs, and workplace and public policy campaigns are informed by worker and ally members. Therefore, everything our members do is from the perspective of, and for the benefit of, workers in our community. Workers: Membership ensures that no one worker stands alone. It gives workers collective power. Allies: Ally member involvement is imperative for amplifying worker voices when they collectively summon the courage to demand just working conditions.

How do I and/or my organization become a WJW member?

Just email info@workerjustice.org to tell us about your intention to become a WJW member. We will walk you through the rest!