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Wisconsin Department of Justice Sues Crushin’ It Apparel owner Jeremy Kruk for Stolen Wages

As many of you know, WJW partnered with Crushin’ It Apparel workers in the summer of 2022 to organize their workplace. We also helped them file wage theft complaints with the DWD. Attorney General Josh Kaul has now filed a lawsuit against Kruk for refusing to pay his workers what they were owed. As far as we are aware, this is the first time the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office has gotten involved in a wage theft case. 

Crushin’ It workers Juana, David, Lilia, and Leonel got together on April 15th to discuss the ramifications of the Attorney General’s lawsuit, and decided to issue the following statement:

“We want to thank the Attorney General for taking our [wage theft] case. We hope to hear good news soon. It’s so important that we, as workers, organize to get rid of our fear and compel the justice system to hear us. Unfortunately, we lost our jobs and our time because the legal process is so slow and because wage theft has not been an important issue for the government until now. We hope that the fact that the Attorney General has sued Kruk for the wages he stole will send a clear message to all workers that they should stand up for themselves – as the Crushin’ It workers are doing – and to employers, that they won’t get away with mistreating their workers!”

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