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Collective Action and Community Outreach with WJW’s Membership Program

There’s a vast power imbalance between workers and employers. But, workers and their allies can overcome it together if they act collectively! Our membership program ensures that workers do not have to stand alone.

One exciting new aspect of our membership program is our direct community outreach, spearheaded by the membership program’s Executive Committee. This committee is made up of strong worker leaders with a passion for economic justice. In late 2023, they formed the committee to increase worker participation in our worker center’s decision making. Rather than merely wait for workers  to come to us, the committee and WJW organizers have begun going into the neighborhoods where the workers we know live to build relationships and educate everyone on the workers’ rights. This is the first step in a longer process to empower all workers to stand up for themselves, at work and in their communities. If you would like to volunteer for the Executive Committee or come door knocking with us, please contact socorro@workerjustice.org and robert@workerjustice.org.

And, if you just want to learn more, join us on January 19th from 5-7pm for our next membership meeting, which will focus on learning your legal rights and how to organize for just working conditions. All member meetings will be held at the WJW office (1602 S. Park St. #115, Madison).