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2022 First Quarter WJW Newsletter

2021-2022 Holiday WJW Newsletter

“This is the second time I’ve come to Worker Justice Wisconsin and they’ve helped me. I ask people that if you experience abuse in the workplace, go to WJW because they will support you. We all have more power when we work together!”

“I felt very frustrated and contacted Worker Justice Wisconsin for help. The information that WJW provides is reassuring for my future, since know how I’m protected. I’m very grateful for WJW because their door was open to me when I needed it the most.”

2020-2021 Winter WJW Newsletter

2020 Fall WJW Newsletter

“I am grateful to Worker Justice Wisconsin because they helped me recover my unpaid wages, and I want to invite everyone having wage problems – you can ask for help. Yes, you can get your unpaid wages back! So I invite you to come to Worker Justice Wisconsin and don’t be afraid.”

In these unpreceded times, the
demand for our services has
increased. Due to the continue
dedication of our staff and
unparalleled support from our donors
we have been able to still hold Know
Your Rights Trainings virtually.


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