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Channel 3000: LaborFest returns after two-year hiatus

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MADISON – Another event has returned to the capital city after taking a pause during the pandemic. On Monday afternoon, LaborFest ended its two-year hiatus, as hundreds showed up to enjoy live music, local food, and lawn games. However, organizers said that while fun and festive, the event holds a deeper meaning.

The past two years have been nothing short of brutal for so much of the world, and America’s workforce has been far from spared. Consolidated positions, wage cuts, and the transition to working from home have many workers saying they’ve hit their breaking point.

“I think we’ve seen now that there aren’t enough workers to go around,” said Ashley Komula, who attended LaborFest. “So now, workers are able to be in a place where they can say, ‘I want to be somewhere I’m respected.’ And I think people are leaving various professions because they’re not feeling respected.”
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