Wage Theft Action Alert!

As reported by Patrick Hickey, Exec. Director of the Madison Workers’ Rights Center
In mid-February eight workers came to the WRC to report that they had been doing drywall in Janesville, WI for a company called Property Tech Works, LLC doing a remodeling job at the local Holiday Inn Express but were not paid for their work.
The workers said that the boss, Miles Davenport, had missed a number of paydays and was claiming that the hotel had not paid him and therefore he could not pay them. The workers spent a number of days demanding payment so they could pay their bills and eat but the boss eventually stopped answering his phone and his voicemail was full.
The workers tried asking the hotel for help but the representatives of the hotel simply said they have nothing to do with it and to take it up with their boss at PTW. Eventually, the workers had had enough and they walked off the job.
The workers heard about the WRC and made the 45 minute ride to see if we could help them get their money. We started with each worker using calendars they had kept or punch cards for the few who had them to reconstruct how much they are owed. Other workers reconstructed their hours as best they could from memory and each others’ testimonies. As a group, they calculated they are owed over $8000.
Repeated attempts to reach the employer have been met with silence.  The workers are filing complaints with the Department of Workforce Development but they need their money now.
Help the workers in their fight for justice by calling the Miles Davenport at 608-957-4721 or 888-851-5519. Ask him to do the right thing and pay the workers from the Holiday Inn Express project.Also call and ask to leave a message for the Holiday Inn Express acting General manager, Jason Poole, at 608-756-3100, and ask that the hotel take steps to get the contractor to pay his employees.
If you talk to a person, let us know what they say. Thanks for your support in challenging wage theft in Wisconsin!

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