The Text Study Project: Discussion Guides

This is a free resource offered by clergy and religious leaders supporting ICWJ’s efforts.
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The Text Study Project:

To Proclaim Release – Sister Maureen McDonnell, OP (Catholic)

Judaism and Ethical Working Conditions – Rabbi Bonnie Margulis (Jewish)

Being Doers of the Word – Reverend Jerry Folk (ELCA)

From Me to We: Community Action – Reverend Michael Schuler (Unitarian)

Sabbatical Jubilee to Address the Wealth Gap – Rabbi Renée Bauer (Jewish)

Justice in Sabbath Rest – Pastor Breanna Dahl Illéné (United Methodist)

Work for Sustenance and Dignity – Rabbi Joshua Wand Ben-Gideon (Jewish)

God, Comparisons, and Justice (The Vineyard Owner) – Reverend Katie Van Der Linden (Moravian)

Sacred Necessities – Rabbi Jonathan Biatch (Jewish)

The staff and board of ICWJ would like to know when this resource is used, for our records and the continuation of the project. If you use the Text Study Project for a guide to small group discussion or an aide to sermon preparation, please email us to let us know when and where.

If you would like a leader from another religious tradition to facilitate or assist in discussion,
ICWJ will be happy to help you connect with the authors:
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