2015 with ICWJ: Images

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2015 has been an exciting year for ICWJ. Of course, there are many changes we are still actively seeking to bring justice to workers in Madison and south-central Wisconsin. Despite stagnation or setbacks in the political realm, however, we know faith leaders, congregations, unions, and other members of our community are active in …

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Fast for Fifteen: Purim

This evening begins the Jewish holiday of Purim, which originates in the story of Esther. For those participating in the Fast for Fifteen, to fast and pray for fast food workers who are fighting for “$15 and a union,” today is a time when the Christian season of Lent and a …

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Fast for Fifteen During Lent

Lent is a Christian season of fasting and repentance leading to Jesus Christ’s Passion and Resurrection on Easter. The season lasts 40 days, a traditional number of journey and transformation, exemplified in Israel’s wilderness journey and Jesus’ fast in the desert before his earthly ministry. Ash Wednesday  is February 18th this …

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