Just Dining Guide Methods

We distributed information about the Just Dining project throughout central Madison. We used a variety of methods to gather information about employment standards from both employees and employers. Employee information came from in-person surveys conducted throughout central Madison between March and October 2012. Workers were also given the alternative of completing an online survey in either English or Spanish. A total of 308 surveys from restaurant employees were completed, representing 139 restaurants in the target area.

In addition, we monitored employment advertisements for information pertaining to wages and benefits offered at the targeted establishments.

Employers were mailed equivalent surveys. These mailings were followed up with a visit or phone call or both. In an effort to clarify and verify the accuracy of both sets of our survey data, employers were also sent a draft of the information to be published. We received surveys and/or corrections from 68 employers.

To view the employee survey click HERE     To view the employer survey click HERE.

For the protocol used for determining what information was included, click Project Protocol.

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