Worker Justice Sermons

  • Pastor Phil Haslanger of Memorial United Church of Christ offered an invocation at the beginning of a vigil at the State Capitol on March 9, 2012, marking the first anniversary of the passing of the anti-worker bill. Click here to read the invocation and a link to video footage of this vigil.
  • The following reflection written by Rabbi Bonnie Margulis connects the Jewish holiday of Purim and worker justice.
  • Another great Christmas reflection from Sister Maureen McDonnell connecting Christmas and worker justice. Please click here to read this reflection.
  • Click here to read a reflection written by Rabbi Jonathan Biatch connecting Hanukkah and worker justice.
  • Board member Jerry Folk wrote some words on worker justice in Wisconsin and the Advent season. Click here to read the reflection.
  • Listen to a sermon by ICWJ director, Rabbi Renee Bauer, given on Labor Day 2010 at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society of Madison. Listen here!
  • Click here to read the sermon delivered by Rabbi Renee Bauer on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 2010.
  • Click here to read the sermon about Biblical Hagar delivered by Rabbi Renee Bauer to commemorate Rosh Hashanah 5770 at Congregation Mayim Rabin in Minneapolis, MN.

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