Labor Seder

DSC_5896On April 14, 2016 ICWJ hosted a Labor Seder, in collaboration with Beth Israel Center, Temple Beth El, Congregation Sha’arei Shamayim, Hillel of UW-Madison, and the Jewish Labor Committee (New York). The Labor Seder was planned and facilitated by ICWJ, together with several Rabbis and local Jewish leaders.

Our Seder plate included a couple of non-traditional items, in order to honor the contemporary struggle for economic justice:

A Tomato to recognize the organizing and mobilizing work of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (Tomato farm workers based out of Immokalee, FL)

And Fair-trade chocolate to recognize the necessity of considering the unseen workers and working conditions that behind the food and other products we buy

The Haggadah (“story”) for the Labor Seder was put together and written from existing resources and the creativity of Rabbis Renée Bauer (ICWJ), Joshua Ben-Gideon (Beth Israel Center), and Jonathan Biatch (Temple Beth El). ICWJ welcomes you to use this resource (Labor Seder Haggadah) for your own seders.


Photos by Sarah Smoot, ICWJ Organizer

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