Fight for $15

FF15MemoriesNov.2015ICWJ is a partner in Madison’s Fight for $15. The Fight for $15 is a global movement begun by fast food workers, now joined by workers in other low-wage jobs, who are organizing to say that workers deserve $15/hour and a union.

In the local effort for the Fight for $15 ICWJ works closely with Wisconsin Jobs Now to organize community actions raising awareness and support with workers. We invite Madison area faith-leaders to picket with workers who go on strike and speak from a religious perspective in solidarity with workers.

Fastfor15FAST for $15

Last year IWJ National started a tradition of supporting the Fight for $15 through the Lenten season of fasting (a Christian fast time preceding Easter). If you observe Lent already or would like to prayerfully consider workers during a 40-day period, ICWJ invites you to join the Fast for $15. This year Lent begins on Wednesday, February 10 and ends on Sunday, March 27 (Easter morning). Read this year’s call to Fast for $15 from IWJ National.

How should I fast?
Fasting during Lent can be giving something up or taking something on. Giving up a comfort-food or activity is a way to practice simple living and reliance on God. Taking on or deepening a discipline such as daily prayer or scripture reading, taking a contemplative walk, going to bed at a healthy hour, is another form of “fasting” to grow in one’s faith.

Fasting for $15 means prayerfully considering workers and the Fight for $15 during whatever Lenten fast you choose. You may see Fight for $15 actions in your area during the season of Lent. Hopefully your fast will help you to learn more about the movement, and inspire you to join in solidarity with those who are striking and fighting for $15 and a union.

Resources for your fast:

To give back:
In this year’s BIG Share ICWJ is raising funds to support our efforts in the Fight for $15
Click “Support our efforts…” to make a BIG Share contribution as part of your Lenten commitment

Worker Justice Reflections on Lent

A Prayer in Solidarity
This affirmation, adapted from the 1908 Methodist Social Creed, can be used in group or private prayer.

Prayers for St. Joseph the Worker (Catholic Tradition)

A prayer for employers

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