Faith Labor Breakfast 2017

A Way Out of No Way:
Women, Labor, and Justice Today

Monday, February 13, 2017
Bethel Lutheran Church


Professor Rebecca Meier-Rao, Becky Schigiel (ICWJ Exec. Dir.), Professor Nan Enstad, and Laura Dresser.

Professor Nan Enstad
UW Department of History
Professor Rebecca Meier-Rao
Edgewood College Department of Religious Studies
Laura Dresser
Associate Director, UW Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS)

Thank You Sponsors!
Your support is vital to this work.

Organizers: $500

AFSCME Council 32
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
Office of Community Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bridge Builders: $250

Beth Israel Center                                                                    Madison-Area Urban Ministry
Carpenters & Joiners Union Local 314                              Madison Teachers, Inc.
Custer Plumb Financial Services                                         Maggie Merdler
First Unitarian Society of Madison                                    9 to 5 Wisconsin
Forward Community Investments                                       Pax Christi Madison
Rev. Calvin & Linda Harfst                                                    South Central Federation of Labor
Hawks Quindel, S.C.                                                                Carol Weidel

Activists: $100

Sadat Abiri & Lasisi Ibrahim                                                 Linda Ketcham & Kim Fisher
Rabbis Renee Bauer & Laurie Zimmerman                     Memorial United Church of Christ
Mary Bell                                                                                      Father James Murphy
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes                                  Craig Myrbo
Congregation Sha’arei Shamayim                                      David Poklinkoski
Paulette Harder

Supporters: $50

Community Living Alliance                                                   Sister Maureen McDonnell
Fired Up Pottery                                                                       Ann McNeary
Marian Fredal                                                                            Bruce Moffat
Nancy Kosseff                                                                            Robert & JoAnn Skloot

We are also grateful to our host, Bethel Lutheran Church.
ICWJ is a proud member of Community Shares of Wisconsin.


Rev. Livingston: “The Communities We Want”

Faith Labor Breakfast 2016

The Communities We Want:
Striving for Racial & Economic Justice

With Reverend Michael Livingston,
Executive Minister of The Riverside Church, Manhattan

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016
Bethel Lutheran Church 312 Wisconsin Ave.


Thank you 2016 Breakfast Sponsors!

The 2016 Breakfast was a great success, one of our biggest crowds, and with a dynamic message from Reverend Livingston, inviting us to notice connections between seemingly disparate issues and movements and to name and confront the “Policy Violence” of our times.

Click for video of the Breakfast by John Quinlan

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