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Tues. March 5 at 7 pm




Honduran Workers Remunerated by Nike

In April, as a result of an intensive campaign by the Student Labor Action Coalition with support from the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice, UW-Madison ended its licensing agreement with Nike over the treatment of Honduran factory workers. The successful campaign has had a major, positive impact. On Monday, July, 26, Nike announced a decision to contribute $1.54 million to a worker relief fund, to be distributed to roughly 1,500 eligible workers affected by the Hugger and Vision Tex factory closures. Nike will also cover the cost of enrolling the workers and their?families in Honduras’ national health program for one year. In addition, the company will take several measures that will lead to the re-employment of many of the workers. The agreement constitutes full remediation of the?violations. ICWJ celebrates this important labor rights success. It reminds all of us that grassroots organizing can create major change for real workers on the ground. You can read a full article about this victory here.

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