Madison Metro Discrimination

Driven But Denied

[not pictured: Sonci Clair-Thomas]

[not pictured: Sonci Clair-Thomas]

Four Madison Metro employees, Lisa Banks, Nicole Sampson, Rukiya Swan, and Sonci Clair-Thomas, have raised an official complaint against the Madison Metro bus system for discrimination against African Americans in hiring, promotions, and representation in leadership positions.

See their Flyer for more info and to learn how you can get involved.

To raise your voice with the workers against discrimination:

Write to Madison Metro’s General Manager:

Write to Madison’s Department of Civil Rights:

Write to the Madison’s Mayor:

Sample Letter:

I stand behind the ladies of #drivenbutdenied!  The activity of discrimination and lack of diversity in its ranks is not acceptable in 2014.

Madison Metro Transit should be used as a test case to address our reforms and other recommendations in the report: “A Strategic Vision for the Future: City of Madison Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative.”



Community Leaders, you can help by…

Hosting a listening session to engage with us in a constructive dialogue for breaking down the barriers that hinder opportunity and equity at Madison Metro.

Participating in dialogue with us and Madison Metro to address these issues

Holding Madison Metro accountable for producing genuine positive and continuous results


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