Dignity At Work Coalition

On May 7, 2016, Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice convened a meeting of over 20 social justice organizations and faith leaders to discuss ways we can all be more intentional in working together on issues of mutual concern, particularly issues of economic justice. From this initial meeting, and subsequent meetings, grew the Dignity at Work Coalition (formerly the Alliance for a Just Wisconsin).

Purpose:  The Dignity at Work Coalition brings together Wisconsin people of faith, worker organizations, and progressive advocates to establish a dignified life for all who labor.

Values statement: The Dignity at Work Coalition is made up of groups and individuals who advocate or organize for social and economic justice for all. The Dignity at Work Coalition seeks to establish higher standards of respect and equality for all who labor, greater compassion for working families, and to foster community solidarity in the service of our mission.

Mission: We seek to advance a broad agenda that establishes dignity at work for all those who labor. : We work to secure social change in order to establish: fair pay; predictable, stable hours; paid sick leave; paid family and medical leave; affordable quality child care; accessible public transportation; an end to racial discrimination in hiring and employment practices; pension protection; and a voice at work.

Goals: The goals of the Dignity at Work Coalition are 1) to be a locus for intentional partnership among coalition members to foster existing and new campaigns.  2) To support coalition member groups and organizations who are engaged in active campaigns focused on at least one of our core issues. 3) to help develop and launch new campaigns together to advance our core issues.

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