Sign our Faith and Labor Statement

Are you a clergy member or a leader in your faith or spiritual community? Show your support by signing the Worker Justice Wisconsin Faith and Labor Statement. Your solidarity enables worker justice to become a reality in our community. To sign the Statement, click here. 

Current signatories include:

Pastor Marcio Sierra – Lighthouse Church
Rev. Jeff Vanden Heuvel – ELCA Messiah Lutheran Church
Rev. Alexander Liberatore – Lake Edge United Church of Christ
Rev. Sonja L. Ingebritsen – Community of Hope United Church of Christ, Madison Christian Community
Rev. Ellen Rasmussen – Brown Deer United Methodist Church
Samantha Herndon – First Unitarian Society of Madison
Alyssa Ryanjoy – First Unitarian Society of Madison
Ann Schaffer – First Unitarian Society of Madison

Contact with any questions.

Worker Justice Wisconsin’s Faith and Labor Statement 

Worker Justice Wisconsin is an interfaith nonprofit organization that advances justice in our community by building collective worker power together with Faith and Labor allies. It partners primarily with low-wage and immigrant workers because they are among the most exploited in our community. It empowers individuals to fight workplace injustice through education, community building, and collective actions.

As people of faith, we uphold the sacred and intrinsic dignity of every person. We believe that work should be a vehicle for discovering a sense of purpose and fulfillment, but that too often it is a means for abuse. We recognize that in today’s climate, individual workers are at the mercy of more powerful employers, and we commit to joining forces with workers when they collectively summon the courage to demand fair and just working conditions. Finally, drawing on our sacred traditions, we stand together as communities of faith to advocate for:


  • A just/living wage and healthcare benefits for all
  • Paid sick and family leave
  • Workplaces free from all forms of discrimination and harassment
  • Opportunities for collective organizing without fear of retaliation
  • A healthy work/life balance for all people regardless of race, gender, national origin, immigration status or creed

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