Remembering Worker Justice Leaders

At this year’s Faith Labor Breakfast ICWJ celebrated the lives and legacies of two important leaders in Madison’s worker justice movement: Reverend Art Lloyd and labor leader Marty Beil. Both passed IMG_4590away during 2015, and they are deeply missed, but they have left a lasting impact on our community.

The following words and video show a moving song that ICWJ board member Mary Bell sang in Marty Beil’s memory at the Faith Labor Breakfast on February 3rd, 2016.

Additionally, the book “Holy Days, Holidays, and Worker Justice,” a collection of reflections by local faith leaders, published by ICWJ in memory of Rev. Art Lloyd, is available by contacting ICWJ

From Mary Bell:   Video of Memorial at the Faith Labor Breakfast

Marty was my colleague. When I learned that he had died, I was an ocean away.
In my faith tradition, song is prayer. In the labor movement, song unifies and inspires. And in my own family, we have a tradition of singing family members into the world and on to the next. Since I could not be here for his memorial, this is the song I sang to the Irish hills for Marty:

Tell bout the ones who walked on the line, the ones who stood out from the crowd.
Who lifted their heads, who lifted their eyes, who lifted their voice clear and loud.Chorus: Sing me one more, for I’m not tired yet. Don’t leave a note out that’s true. Tell me again I don’t want to forget, sing me what they sang to you. Sing so I’ll know what to do.

Tell bout the ones who stood and said no, when everyone else answered yes. The ones who played fair but demanded their share, when everyone settled for less.           [chorus]

Joe Hill, Mother Jones, Cesar Chavez, John L. and millions we don’t know by name. To those in our past, to those still standing fast, and those come to carry the flame.          [chorus]

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