Backyard Heroes: ICWJ Volunteer Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson

Sean Anderson

The support of ICWJ members and volunteers is what makes us a powerful force in the Madison community and beyond. Sean Anderson is one person who selflessly gives his all to the fight for worker justice. Sean has been a devout volunteer with ICWJ since the summer of 2015.

Between rallies and public events, there is much less glamorous work that must be done to organize, educate, and mobilize for workers’ rights. Sean frequently assists in the ICWJ office with clerical work, Community Shares of Wisconsin work hours, and preparations for ICWJ events. He is ready and willing to work behind the scenes without a thought for recognition, and we’re glad that he is being recognized in Community Shares of Wisconsin’s Backyard Heroes (month of Feb. 2016). Sean is a hero to ICWJ and to the Madison community. Look for

Sean’s blurb in CSW Backyard Heroes

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