Share Your Passion for Worker Justice

wisconsin-stop-signAre you outraged at the Wisconsin Legislature’s continued war on workers? Feeling righteous indignation about lawmaking that attacks the lower to middle class, while making life sweeter for the wealthy and corporations?

Here’s an opportunity to support an organization that has stood with low wage workers for over 15 years. ICWJ stood with workers before, during, and after the attack on public sector employees, teachers, and hospital workers in 2011. And the same is true now, in the State government’s attack on the rights of private sector workers.

The BIG Share, Tuesday March 3, is a day of giving organized by Community Shares of Wisconsin. It’s a day for member organizations like ICWJ to raise money for a specific campaign, become a stronger presence on social media, and attract new supporters to the organization.

YOU can stand with workers and with ICWJ by sharing on the day of the BIG Share. ICWJ’s goal is to raise $4,000 to fund a Living Wage Certification Program for the City of Madison. Just as important as donations on March 3, is your help in raising ICWJ’s presence on social media.

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Stand in Solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

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