(inter)Faith in the Fight for $15

This April 15, join workers in a day that will make history. This 10th action of the Fight for $15 includes cities across the United States and over 30 countries worldwide. It’s expected to be the biggest action to date in this movement for worker justice.

"MADison" for $15

“MADison” for $15

If you’re joining the action in Madison, look for ICWJ’s new button. Show that you’re part of the faith community in the fight for $15.

11:30 am – Action begins at Taco Bell on East Wash. (3002 E. Washington)
Then moves to other nearby establishments.
2:00 pm – Action continues at Library Mall (728 State St.)
2:45 pm - free bus from 750 University Ave. to join the MKE action
(back in Madison by 8:30 pm)

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