Raise the Wage

Pictures & Quotes

from religious leaders who demand a living wage in Wisconsin

With Wisconsin Jobs Now, ICWJ is publishing faces and voices on the web of the growing number of people in Wisconsin who demand a higher minimum wage for just treatment of workers. ICWJ is collecting statements from religious leaders on how their faith and social witness interact in the issue of workers’ wages. Keep an eye on our page for new faces and voices in the campaign.

Rev. Breanna Dahl, Trinity United Methodist Church:

Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly.” Part of having an abundant life is having a job that pays you enough so you don’t have to stress out over paying for housing, food, insurance, etc. As a Christian, my faith calls me to work for justice so that all may have that abundant and full life that Jesus spoke of. My faith pushes me to fight for fair wages for workers in all sectors. We must raise the “minimum” wage so that it is a living wage. So that all may earn enough to care for their families and live full and abundant lives.


Raise Your Voice to Raise the Wage:

Write to Organizer@WorkerJustice.org

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