The fight is not over: Save the voice of 5,000 workers

The fight against Act 10 is not over.

UW Hospital and Clinic employees were included in the anti-union legislation of 2011, even though UWHC is an independent authority that receives no direct taxpayer support.    UWHC is one of this area’s largest employers, and a standard-setter in health care.  This has all been accomplished during thirty years of collective bargaining.

When current contracts expire – beginning in early 2014 – UWHC nurses and other healthcare workers will lose all rights to act collectively, including protection from retaliation when they speak out for quality of care.  They will have less rights than Walmart workers.

The Dane County Board and the Madison Common Council have passed resolutions asking executives at UWHC to preserve collective bargaining.  This is possible, even under the law of Act 10.

Worker voice at UWHC can be saved.    UWHC executives can continue to recognize current unions as the voice of the employees and commit to continue policies embodied in collective bargaining agreements. Management and employee representatives can set up a cooperative independent structure to insure workers have an independent voice.

Join ICWJ on December 4 for a public rally at  1 pm, outside the UW Hospital on Highland Avenue.

Speak out online:  Go to to sign a petition or send an email to the CEO of UWHC.

Faith Leaders:  email Rabbi Renee Bauer to join a letter from ICWJ to UWHC CEO requesting a meeting.

Email ICWJ with questions or to  support this vital campaign!

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