Preparing for Labor Day 2013

Sacredness of Work

This Labor Day Weekend, what is your congregation doing to honor workers?  A special sermon? A guest speaker?  Make the Faith- Labor connection - ICWJ has information and inspiration:


For  historical sermons and other interfaith resources, click HERE

To schedule a guest speaker, email Becky.


NEW!  5,000  UW Hospital & Clinic employees are at risk of having less rights than Walmart workers — Get informed in time for Labor Day!   ICWJ  is now hosting quarterly conference calls with clergy around the state to create broader conversations regarding workers and workers rights. Our first call will be on Tuesday, August 20 from 9 to 9:30 a.m.  Join Rabbi Renee Bauer to learn about how the right of workers to a collective voice continues to be threatened.  Rabbi Bauer’s guest on this call will be a nurse on the frontline battle, who will tell us what is happening with the UW health care workers.  email Rabbi Bauer to RSVP & request call info.  


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