Let Justice Roll

When we gather at a place like our State Capitol, there are people here from all sorts of religious and non-religious backgrounds.

There are Christians and Jews, Muslims and Buddhists, Hindus and and Bahai, Humanists and people who are pretty sure they believe something, but don’t know exactly how the heck to describe it.

What connects us all this day is a spirit of hospitality, a spirit of compassion and a spirit of justice.

….As we create a place where all can feel welcome, whatever their country of origin, whatever language they speak, whatever challenges they face, we say:

“Let justice roll.”


The above is an excerpt from the invocation at yesterday’s May Day Rally in Madison, given by Pastor Phil Haslanger, speaking on behalf of ICWJ.  Phil Haslanger is pastor of Memorial United Church of Christ in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.                           Read the entire invocation. 


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