Today’s 11th annual Faith Labor Breakfast was a huge success!

This morning’s 11th annual Faith Labor Breakfast was a huge success. It was held at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Madison, where 100 people packed the church’s social hall. Rev. Trina Zelle of Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice was this year’s guest speaker. She compared the attacks on immigrants over the past couple years in Arizona to the attacks on public service workers and collective bargaining in the past couple weeks in Wisconsin.

Before Rev. Zelle spoke, ICWJ board member Doug Keillor of Madison Teachers Inc. gave a recap of the protests, in particular the participation by high school students in support of their teachers. Doug’s daughter is a student at Madison East High School, where a student-led march in the hundreds walked to the capitol to support their teachers.

We’d like to thank all of this year’s sponsors for making the annual Faith labor Breakfast such a big success:

Organizers – $100+ Level

Activists – $50 Level

  • Edward Daub
  • Sari Judge
  • Art and Sue Lloyd
  • Mary Michal and David Haskin
  • Pastor Phil Haslanger
  • Craig Myrbo
  • Jonathan Rosenblum
  • Karen R. Shevet Dinah
  • Bob Skloot
  • Mike and Erica Sweitzer-Beckman
  • Rabbis Laurie Zimmerman and Renée Bauer

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