The Latest from the State Capitol

Public employee unions are under attack!
For more information, check out The Wisconsin State Journal or The Nation.

Breakfast of Champions
Our 11th annual faith labor breakfast Thursday, February 24th, was a great success, with over 100 people hearing ICWJ chairperson Doug Keillor tell the story of how high school students sparked this historical moment in Wisconsin history, followed by intern Jenny Wustmann describing the amazing level of student involvement. The keynote speaker, Rev. Trina Zelle, director of our sister organization in Arizona, inspired us as she connected the struggles of immigrants to our current battle for collective bargaining rights. We received over $1300 in a spontaneous offering! Thank you to everyone and a special thanks to our awesome ICWJ board!

Statewide Letter
We have over 250 signatures on the letter calling for a just end to the crisis in Wisconsin. Are you down with your signature? Please click here to sign the document. Then, please forward to your colleagues.

ICWJ goes viral!
On February 24, ICWJ Executive Director Rabbi Renee Bauer spoke on a conference call to an estimated 1,000 religious leaders across the country who wanted to hear a first-hand account of our actions in Madison and across the state. And, Chicago’s Public Radio station called to interview ICWJ.

The ICWJ has received the following media coverage. Please forward these articles on to your friends around the world so that they can know what’s happening!

Today the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops released a statement supporting the Wisconsin Bishops on the rights of workers. Read it here:

Capitol Services
LastFriday, February 25, ICWJ hosted Shabbat Services at 5:00 for Wisconsin citizens who have made the Capitol their home and an ecumenical Christian service on Sunday, time 10:00AM. Thank you for joining us as we claim God’s presence in this sacred moment, in the sacred place, and with all of God’s sacred people.

Emergency Brigade
Over a dozen religious leaders have signed-up to help supporters at the Capital if there was an attempt to remove Wisconsin citizens. In order to bear witness to such an event, we are asking clergy to join our “emergency brigade” to support those in the Capital. Please call Rev. C.J. Hawking at (773) 937-1824 if you want to be called for such a witness and/or if you might be able to consider risking arrest in a non-violent civil disobedience action.

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