Solstice Greetings from ICWJ!

The following reflection on the connection between Solstice and economic justice was written by Rev. Darrel Richey of James Reeb Unitarian Congregation. For similar reflections on other holy days see our resources page.
Winter Solstice—The Birth of Religion
We are in the time of the Winter Solstice. Solstice, which from Latin means “sol” (sun) and “stitium” (stoppage) occurs twice a year; one in winter and one in summer. The winter and summer solstices and the spring and fall equinox (equal light) are formational for religion itself and every religion has had to find a way to incorporate the primal essence which is reflected in humanity.

Christianity, Judaism, Mithras, Zoroastrian, Hinduism, as well as early religions from Greece to Japan have created “Holy Days,” or holidays, in order to honour the importance and the impact that these times have upon humanity.

As we enter into this multi-holiday season I invite you to consider engaging the foundational human experience of Winter Solstice. As the days begin to get longer and nights shorter the symbols of rebirth, new beginning, coming out of the cave, etc. beckon each of us to re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves, our spiritual traditions, the greater community, and all of creation.

As the Winter Solstice prepares us for the New Year, may we prepare ourselves to continue our personal journeys of ever becoming the best that we can be and more fully realize the depth of our connection to each other and to this place we call Earth! I invite you to consider radically standing in solidarity with the oppressed, the homeless, and sadly this year, the oppressed includes working families. The transformation time of Winter Solstice can be foundation for making a difference in the New Year.

Happy Solstice!
Rev. Darrel

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