Saturday March 12 Capitol Rally

Jerry speaks to the Capitol crowd in Madison.






Rev. Dr. Jerry Folk, an Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice board member, addressed the crowd and led a prayer at the rally in Madison on Saturday. A transcript of the prayer follows:

Holy and compassionate God, our hearts are full of gratitude today for the gift of human community and solidarity, especially as it is expressed in this great gathering of  people who have come together to stand up for justice and human rights in our state. We remember and give thanks for Great Spirit people like Moses, the Hebrew Prophets, Jesus, and Mohammed who taught us, by word and example, to defend the rights of workers and the poor. We remember also with thanksgiving those who have followed their example and teaching in exemplary ways, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Cesar Chavez, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero and others whom we know and admire. We are thankful not only for their bold leadership in the struggle for justice and human rights but also for their example in showing us how to respect those against whom we struggle. Surrounded and inspired as we are today by so great a cloud of witnesses, may we be as determined, as relentless, as courageous and as respectful of our adversaries as they were and may our work, like theirs, bear the fruits of  justice and  human solidarity. We offer our prayer with confidence because we know that You are a just and compassionate God. AMEN


You can also view the prayer here: Rev. Dr. Folk from Saturday 3/12 Rally

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