Report back from March’s meeting with Gov. Walker’s policy advisors

By Rev. Eldonna Hazen of First Congregational UCC

On Tuesday, March 29, about 30 clergy met with three of Governor Walker’s aides, to discuss concerns about some of the Governor’s proposals.  There was a good cross-section of religious viewpoints represented; but even though people came from many different traditions, they agreed that they had a shared narrative focus on justice and care for the most vulnerable in our society.  They wanted to make the point that the needs of those folks should come before the needs of the wealthy and privileged.

Topics discussed ranged from immigration issues, education funding, collective bargaining to job creation and even briefly healthcare.  The aides were not able to go beyond the talking points we have heard so often from those who support the governor’s proposals.  They clearly came from a different place than the clergy who were present.

They did agree to meet again with the clergy group, and even said they would try to include the governor, if his schedule permitted.  His administration has not been open to coming to the table about anything, so there is at least some hope in the idea he may talk to us.

The clergy will continue trying to have meetings with the governor and his aides, and will continue raising these issues of justice and fairness for all people, not just for the wealthy and well-connected.


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