National Days of Action Against Wage Theft November 17th-21st

ICWJ and groups in cities across the country will take action to stop wage theft, a national crime wave that every year robs millions of workers out of billions of dollars they’ve worked for but never seen.  The national network Interfaith Worker Justice has declared November 17-21 a National Days of Action Against Wage Theft to call attention to this pernicious epidemic and mobilize support for the various efforts to combat it, from national legislation to creative local initiatives.

Numerous workers from a local residential and commercial cleaning company by the name of Dirt Destroyers have come to the Workers Rights Center seeking assistance in collecting their wages over the past year.  While some of the workers have eventually received their wages, problems continue. The employer has failed to pay employees for hours worked, for travel time or overtime worked.  The Department of Workforce Development-Wage & Hour Division has investigated the company and determined that they are liable for unpaid wages.  Workers are owed hundreds of dollars and need their pay to make ends meet.

Take local action by contacting Dirt Destroyer owner, Jackie Clash, at 608-288-3478 or by email at and tell him to pay his workers ASAP.

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