ICWJ wishes our Christian supporters a meaningful Advent!

One of our board members, Jerry Folk, wrote some words on worker justice in Wisconsin during a time of reflection.

November 27, four Sundays before Christmas, the Christian season of Advent begins. The first day of Advent is the Christian Rosh Ha’shanah, the Christian New Year. Like the Jewish High Holidays, there is a penitential quality to Advent. But the dominant mood is expectation and longing for the coming of a new world, the world the Bible calls the Kingdom or Reign of God. Advent is also a time during which Christians prepare for the coming of this world and for the birth of Jesus, who announced that the kingdom was near, indeed that it was already among us and sought to demonstrate by acts of mercy and love what the Kingdom of God is like.

Truth, justice and mercy are marks of God’s kingdom. The Advent season challenges the church to confront the lies and half-truths which lead so many astray with the word of God’s truth. It challenges the church to speak out against the injustices which condemn billions of people to destitution, hunger, disease and an early death and allow others to amass enormous fortunes. It challenges the church to perform works of mercy and forgiveness that reflect the presence and power of God’s Kingdom among us. What better way to prepare for the coming of the Kingdom and the birth of Jesus than by speaking Truth, serving justice and doing works of mercy for all.

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