ICWJ supports Minnesota workers

On Tuesday, May 31st, ICWJ will join the Workers’ Rights Center of Madison in a delegation to local Cub Foods grocery stores to express concern for the treatment of Cub Stores workers in Minnesota and support their efforts to stand up for their rights. Workers there have been fighting for over a year to demand fair working standards for the subcontracted employees that clean their stores.

From the Workers’ Rights Center:

Minneapolis-based Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL) is seeking support from allies for a national day of action for a campaign for justice in retail cleaning. They are asking allies to pull together delegations of people to go to local Supervalu stores (Cub Stores) to deliver letters to managers and deliver a message asking for Supervalu to meet with workers in Minneapolis and St. Paul to establish a code of conduct ensuring fair wages and working conditions for all workers who clean their stores.

Ten years ago many retail cleaning workers made up to $10-$11 per hour. Today, most workers earn minimum wage and their-workload has nearly doubled. Wages and working conditions have plummeted because giant retail chains have pitted dozens of cleaning companies against each other for its lowest possible bid. The Center of Workers United in Struggle (CTUL) is calling on Cub Foods, Target and Lunds & Byerly’s to partner with workers to establish standards for fair wages and working conditions in the cleaning of their stores.  For more info visit http://ctul.net/.

Join us for delegations to local Cub Foods stores on Tuesday, May 31 to call on management to do the right thing and meet with the subcontracted cleaning workers!


The Madison delegation will submit a letter to Cub Foods managers, asking them to urge their Minnesota counterparts to meet with their workers. If you’re interested, email director@workerjustice.org for more information on being part of the delegation!


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