Action Alert: Presence at Extraordinary Session on June 14th

As you may have heard, the Wisconsin legislature will convene tomorrow in an Extraordinary Session at 11:00AM. This type of session will curtail debate and allow legislators to circumvent the usual process to pass legislation more quickly. Much of the proposed budget is expected to be passed in this session.

Madison-area Urban Ministry and ICWJ are coordinating people of faith to bear witness to the immorality of the proposed budget and the process of passing it tomorrow, June 14th. Meet at 10:30AM in the Nave of Grace Episcopal Church. From Grace we will walk together to the Capitol. We will divide into four groups, one group at each of the open entrances to the Capitol to stand as witness, a peaceful presence in prayer for the common good and for those legislators debating and voting on this budget. We will be inviting several clergy to go into the Assembly Chambers in vestments and to silently pray while the debate goes on, and to serve as witness to the proceedings. If you would like to bring signs identifying yourself as a person of faith or with specific holy texts that would speak to this proposed budget please do so.

Please note: we are not planning a civil disobedience action, instead we are hoping that we can have a faith presence at each of the four entrances to the capitol tomorrow, to pray, to meditate, and to observe and serve as witness to the day, to the morality of this budget and the process, and to hopefully provide a strong but peaceful presence to the rally and the budget hearings.


For more information you can contact Linda Ketcham at or Rabbi Renee at

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