Raise the Wage

Pictures & Quotes

from religious leaders of South-Central Wisconsin who want a living wage for all

Joining with Wisconsin Jobs Now, ICWJ is publishing faces and voices on the web of the growing number of people in Wisconsin who demand a higher minimum wage for just treatment of workers. ICWJ is collecting statements from religious leaders on how their faith and social witness interact in this campaign.

Raise the Wage Statements by Madison-Area Faith Leaders:

Pastor Breanna Dahl Illéné

Reverend Jerry Folk

Sister Isabel Rafferty, OP

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch

Pastor Amanda Stein

 Pastor Ron Adams

Sadat Abiri (Islamic Center of Madison)

Kelly Schaefer (Methodist Missionary)

Sister Marie Louise Seckar, OP

Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman

Sister Maureen McDonnell, OP

Reverend Jim Cotter

Pastor Marianne Cotter

Tyler Smoot (Methodist Missionary)

Sarah Smoot (Methodist Missionary)

Sister Julie Schwab, OP

Raise Your Voice to Raise the Wage:

Write to Organizer@WorkerJustice.org

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