About the Just Dining Project

In 2012, the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice (ICWJ) and the Workers’ Rights Center (WRC) launched a project focused on working conditions in central Madison restaurants. We have produced 2 editions of a  guide to central Madison restaurants that informs customers and workers about the wages, benefits and working conditions for people who cook, prepare, and serve food. The guide highlights employers who are going the extra mile to provide good quality, family supporting jobs in our community. It makes it easy for customers and workers to be able to compare and contrast the various restaurants in downtown Madison.This is our first attempt at producing an employment standards guide. We hope to update it regularly and continue to improve and expand it. We value feedback and suggestions!    More about methodology HERE

In this guide, we rate restaurants based on various criteria concerning wages, benefits, and working conditions which help inform the community of how restaurants treat their employees. We want to recognize those restaurants that go above and beyond minimum labor standards, and also encourage sub-standard employers to improve.

We recognize that the restaurant industry is challenging and competitive. To those businesses that provide good jobs we say “You have built up a good business and you should be rightfully proud of your high standards and positive impact on the community. Don’t keep this a secret. Let the community know that not only are you preparing wonderful food, but also providing good jobs!”

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